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Fundación Macro works harder on the 5th stage of the Humahuaca Escuelas en Red program

Fundación Macro works harder on the 5th stage of the Humahuaca Escuelas en Red program

This stage implies reaching over 50% of the schools in Quebrada de Humahuaca incorporated to the project

Jujuy, May 8th, 2012. Fundación Banco Macro continues working on inclusion programs through the use of new technologies, which makes it possible to create new local growth and learning spaces. This is why on May 9th it will be implementing the 5th stage of the Humahuaca Escuelas en Red (Networked Schools in Humahuaca) program, training teachers from 22 schools in the area at the Teaching Training Institute of Humahuaca.

This program has helped over 2,000 children from schools located in the different towns of Quebrada de Humahuaca since the year 2009, when the project was set up. With this implementation there will be 55 schools incorporated to the program.

The training provided to these teachers is recognized and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Jujuy. This year the curriculum has incorporated a banking literacy module designed to inform teachers about the digital media involved in banking transactions, and the use ATMs and self-service terminals, among other contents connected with Web navigation and online enquiries and proceedings.

Fundación Banco Macro’s allied social organization to be able to carry out this program is Fundación Aprendiendo bajo la Cruz del Sur, with which it has already worked in 33 rural schools in the region.

Each school is supplied with information technology equipment, satellite Internet access and technical maintenance, and receives payment of the monthly service. Schools are also provided with face-to-face and online training aimed at the proper use of new technologies in addition to the abovementioned pedagogical program of curricular articulation specially designed by Fundación Aprendiendo Bajo la Cruz del Sur for the project.

"This stage is very significant for the program since this year we have intensified efforts, appreciating the good results obtained and the commitment of everyone involved," said Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations manager at Banco Macro. "The work carried out in order to incorporate technology to the classroom and the different educational practices is very important," she added.

Among the different activities scheduled for this school year we must highlight the "News from Quebrada told by children" blog, as well as different exercises regarding the Flag‘s Bicentenary and collaborative texts to be produced by all the schools involved under the "Patron Saints‘ Festivals in Quebrada" theme line

This time the program is also supported by Logicals, which has donated 5 notebooks, in addition to Microsoft, Dell, Volkswagen and Servicio Satelital.

Fundación Macro continues working towards the equality of opportunities, with the conviction that education is an acquired right everyone must have access to.

Milagro Medrano
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