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Banco Macro inaugurates ATM No. 1,000

Banco Macro inaugurates ATM No. 1,000

Buenos Aires, May 23rd, 2012. Banco Macro will be inaugurating ATM No. 1,000 within the framework of its ATM expansion and technological change project.

With the recent setting up of two ATMs in the new branch located in Puerto Madero in the City of Buenos Aires, Banco Macro has a total of a thousand ATMs located all over the country.

One out of ten ATMs where it is possible to carry out different types of transactions has been set up by Grupo Macro, and every ten Banelco ATMs, two belong to the group as well.

This milestone turns Banco Macro into the first private bank composed of national capital to have set up over a thousand ATMs, thus providing extensive coverage at national level.

In addition, Grupo Macro has fifty smart ATMs which enable customers to deposit cash without envelopes, with the amount deposited being credited straight away. This original service works by means of a device which recognizes the bills, validates the cash straight away and provides a receipt indicating that the deposit has already been credited to the bank account, as if it had been made at a branch cash desk. This makes it possible to avoid having to wait the twenty-four hours which may be required for the amount deposited to be credited through a conventional ATM.

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