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Jorge H. Brito, new president of FELABAN

Jorge H. Brito, new president of FELABAN

  • The 46th Annual Meeting of the Latin American Banking Federation (FELABAN) was held from November 17th to November 20th in the city of Lima, Perú.

  • Within the framework of such meeting, a new president and Executive Board were appointed for the 2012 - 2014 period.

Jorge Horacio Brito has been appointed president of the Latin American Banking Federation (FELABAN) for the 2012 - 2014 period. The new executive is also president of the Argentine Private Bankers Association (ADEBA) and Grupo Macro from Argentina. He will be replacing Oscar José Rivera, president of the Peruvian Banking Association (ASBANC).

Jorge H. Brito has been president of Grupo Macro for 34 years. The group comprises Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro and constitutes the number one national banking institution with private capital in the Argentine Republic.

He has been president of ADEBA for nine years, president of Fundación Banco Macro, and acts as an advisor to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, having previously served as president of different provincial banks and institutions.

Jorge H. Brito has excelled because of his work as the president of a bank which had been originally set up as a wholesale banking institution which he turned into one of the most important banks in Argentina, with the most extensive coverage in the territory and the capacity to create opportunities in times of crisis. With over 1,000 ATMs, 816 self-service terminals and a structure of 476 points of contact, Macro contributes to the strengthening of the Argentine financial system. His work also stands out because of the development of bancarization programs aimed at low-income citizens and the fostering of both small and medium-sized enterprises through the provision of loans to the sector and the stimulation of the country’s regional economies.

While presiding over FELABAN, Jorge H. Brito will be focusing on the growth of the institution for Latin America and working on mainstays such as mobile banking, Basel III, the promotion of financial education in the region and the development of microfinance programs, among other issues.

FELABAN’s Council of Governors was in charge of the election during the 46th Annual Meeting held in the city of Lima, Perú, in which the new Executive Board, which will be responsible for the future of FELABAN during the following two years, was also elected. In addition to the president, the Board will be composed of Luis Robles Miaja, from Mexico, president of the Mexican Banking Association and advisor and vice-president of the Management Board at BBVA Bancomer, who will be serving as first vice-president, and Roque Rivera Ribas, from Honduras, president of the Honduran Banking Institutions Association (AHIBA) and president of Banco Ficensa, who will be serving as second vice-president.

The other elected members of the Board are Wilson Roberto Levorato, fom Brazil, who is the general director of the Brazilian Banking Federation (FEBRABAN); María Mercedes Cuéllar, from Colombia, president of the Colombian Association of Banks and Financial Entities (Asobancaria); Oscar Rivera Rivera, from Peru, president of the Peruvian Banking Association, (ASBANC); Jorge Emilio Perazzo Puppo, from Uruguay, vice-president of the Bank of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay; and Arístides Maza Tirado, from Venezuela, president of the Venezuelan Banking Association and president of Banco Caroní from said country.

The 46th Annual Meeting was attended by over 1,250 delegates on behalf of nearly 500 financial institutions from the region who assessed the current situation of the financial sector in the region and all over the world and shared their outlook on the future. Several far-reaching negotiations on financial issues were conducted in the meeting as well.

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