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Banco Macro for Romantics

Banco Macro for Romantics

Banco Macro launches an advertising campaign in order to strengthen the position of its home banking service, MacrOnline.

Buenos Aires, March 13th, 2013. Banco Macro has launched a strong advertising campaign in order to strengthen the position of its home banking service, which works as a branch open 24 hours a day for its customers to carry out transactions on the Web and optimize the use they make of their time.

The campaign entitled "Romantics" features customers who are "in love with" the service offered in their branch and enjoy going to the bank to carry out transactions they can conduct by making use of the home banking service. The entity provides them with a tool by means of which they can enjoy the closeness branches offer and be served in the same manner.

"The aim of this campaign is to offer our customers better service since we have observed it is still necessary to overcome the cultural barriers existing in respect of the use of technology to carry out bank transactions," said Institutional Relations Manager Milagro Medrano. "In the course of the year 2012 there was a 26% increase in the use of the home banking service in comparison with the previous year, with over 116.6 million transactions with great potential for growth," she added.

The campaign was created by advertising agency DRAFT FCB and consists of three commercials: "Door," "Hospital," and "Rain." They convey that "there still exist romantics who enjoy going to the bank; for them there is MacrOnline, your branch 24 hours a day" and tell the story of three romantic customers who, due to different reasons, find a solution by means of MacrOnline.

With music by César Banana Pueyrredón, CAE and Eddie Sierra, the main characters in the commercial remember moments and characters from the bank while recognizing that by means of MacrOnline they can carry out the same transactions they were going to conduct in the branch.

The campaign also includes radio spots, online banners and special pieces in all of the branches.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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