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Banco Macro, a part of “Let’s chisel Francis’s chalice”

Banco Macro, a part of "Let’s chisel Francis’s chalice"

Salta, May 3rd, 2013. Recognized master silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols chiseled the chalice for Pope Francis with the people from Salta. This collective action entailing the silversmith’s visit to different cities and towns around the country is mainly aimed at creating a Chalice from Everyone, a Chalice from the People. Every citizen who participates by hammering a chisel mark onto the chalice also leaves their intentions, blessings and thanks.

Banco Macro, as an entity committed to the province of Salta and every single town in which it is present, wanted to serve an active role in this collective action and make its contribution so that it could reach the town of Cachi, nestled in the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys, in the Argentine north-west, at a height of 1,228m above sea level, and with a population standing at 7,000 people. The ceremony was held today, Friday, May 3rd, with the participation of Juan Manuel Urtubey, governor of the province of Salta, Jorge H. Brito, president of Banco Macro, provincial and church authorities, and businessmen from the province. Together with silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols, they took part in the celebration and could "chisel Francis’s chalice."

The chalice being created for Pope Francis was born with an invitation from Artifex from the Vatican six months ago, when Benedict XVI was still Pope. At that time, Juan Carlos Pallarols had been invited to exhibit a collection of his works within the framework of an exhibition including old and contemporary photographs, paintings, engravings, old gaucho silverware, and silverware from the Pallarols family, including several religious pieces.

Among these there was the idea of a chalice featuring the topic of the exhibition with different allegorical designs, but the chalice created by this master silversmith will be going around Argentina and some other countries so that everyone wishing to participate can leave their mark and therefore send their wishes and strength to this Argentine Pope not only by hammering the chisel onto the chalice but also by writing in the books to be delivered with the silversmith’s work. This perhaps represents the most important part of these projects entailing the involvement of citizens: the opportunity for them to share their prayers and intentions.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

About Juan Carlos Pallarols

Juan Carlos Pallarols defines himself as a craftsman and its work as a trade. His surname is already a seal of quality, excellence and love for good taste and detail, a place conquered through years of effort, sacrifices and complete dedication.
From Vicente Pallarols I (1735-1810) to the present day, the history of this silversmith has been one of work, dreams, passion, willingness, humbleness and a deep desire to create something new every day. Anyone visiting the Museum Workshop he is in charge of in the neighborhood of San Telmo will find a place frozen in time, with tools from the seventeenth century. However, movement is the one thing constant in this place where Juan Carlos Pallarols, with the same interest expressed at the age of 20, produces ideas and conceives projects every day, allowing himself to dream.

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