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Banco Macro presents its sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Banco Macro presents its sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Salta, September 27th, 2013. Banco Macro presented its sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report in which it accounts for the progress made in its management as regards sustainability while strengthening its strategy nationwide.

In order to present the information included in its 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Banco Macro followed the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3.1 Guidelines, increasing the number of indicators by 26% and reaching an Application Level B for the first time.

In 2012 Banco Macro strengthened its CSR strategy and defined five mainstays with regard to the material topics reported, the financial sector, the local context and its stakeholders: transparency in everything we do, responsibility for people’s wellbeing and inclusion, inclusion and financial literacy, the development of SMEs and business undertakings, and direct and indirect environmental impact.

Banco Macro also worked intensively on financial inclusion and literacy matters, developing products and services for those with fewer financial means, and supporting both enterprises and entrepreneurs in their role as economic growth drivers.

Other important steps taken involve the revision of the Ethics Code and Code of Conduct, the creation of an Ethics and Compliance Committee, the coordination of training courses in CSR for SME banking customers and suppliers from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba, and the organization of campaigns, contests and projects meant to raise greater environmental awareness. In addition, 207,000 customers joined the e-Commitment campaign in order to receive their account statements by email and Banco Macro’s social investment was raised to 13 million Argentine pesos, thus helping 268,000 people while working in alliance with 79 organizations from the civil society in addition to schools and universities.

The report was presented at the Museum of the City, Casa de Hernández, located in the city of Salta, by Banco Macro’s Institutional Relations Manager Milagro Medrano and Jorgelina Basso, manager of the Salta Division, in front of a packed audience including local authorities and representatives of social sector entities, the national media and media from the province of Salta.

"The mainstays approached summarize the financial industry’s main trends regarding sustainability and the aspects in respect of which we aim to achieve a strong position all over the country since they involve relevant issues and matters directly related to the management of a sustainable business," said Milagro Medrano, who also ratified Banco Macro’s commitment to all of the communities in which it is present.

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