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Banco Macro and Fundación Impulsar organize the “Entrepreneurship Contest” for a second year in a row

Banco Macro and Fundación Impulsar organize the "Entrepreneurship Contest" for a second year in a row

Buenos Aires, October 7, 2013. From 2004 Fundación Impulsar and Banco Macro have been working together in an entrepreneurship training program addressed to young people throughout Argentina.

This year, both organizations shall launch the Second Banco Macro - Fundación Impulsar Entrepreneurship Contest for local aspiring entrepreneurs in the Provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Misiones, Córdoba, Rosario, City of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Neuquén.

The Contest Terms and Conditions and the application form can be found at the web sites of Fundación Impulsar: and Banco Macro

The Banco Macro - Fundación Impulsar Entrepreneurship Contest is addressed at all those individuals who are currently conducting, and have been conducting for at least (2) two years, an entrepreneur venture that involves knowledge of the entrepreneur, either manual or intellectual, and has at least one year in operation without access to credit or training.

In order to be admitted to participation entrepreneurs must have attained 18 years of age. The applicant must be the principal responsible for the entrepreneur venture. Only initiatives conducted in the same province of residence of the applicant and operation of the venture will qualify for participation. Projects must already be operative, generate employment -preferably directly or otherwise indirectly- and be registered as a self-employed taxpayer (monotributista). The applicant-entrepreneur must furnish the necessary documentation to evidence the above. Banco Macro and Fundación Impulsar employees or family members may not participate in the Contest. Any entrepreneur applicants who have participated in the Fundación Impulsar classic program willing to participate in this Contest must evidence that they are in good standing as to repayment of their loan.

After the training program, the submitted projects will be appraised. The three best projects shall be awarded the following prizes; the first one shall receive AR$20,000 (twenty thousand pesos); the second one AR$18,000 (eighteen thousand pesos); and the third one AR$12,000 (twelve thousand pesos), in each district. The winners and 10 entrepreneurs whose projects are deemed to be the ones that best adapt to sustainable principles shall be allocated one mentor or inter-disciplinary group of voluntary mentors who shall accompany them during one (1) year.

The training is free of charge and consists in a "Business Plan" course. Such course shall tackle issues referred to a definition of the products and services, strategy and commercial and planning elements, production plans, costs, and cash flow, inter alia. One mentor and/or interdisciplinary group of voluntary mentors shall be allocated to those entrepreneurship concerns deemed to be the most sustainable during one year.

Fundación Impulsar and Banco Macro work together in order to foster among individuals hard working values and the chance to be self-sustainable, providing support to entrepreneurs. The work of Impulsar and Banco Macro represent for many individuals an opportunity to add value to their entrepreneur venture and to become active players in local development, becoming employers within their area.

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Impulsar is an NGO created in 1999 for the purpose of transforming ideas into business providing training, financial support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs who lack formal access to credit and training to set up and manage their own business.

From its inception to date 1,240 new ventures became operative, 3,100 jobs were created, more than 4,500 candidates were trained in business plans, loans were granted in the amount of AR$8,680,000 and more than 1,500 mentors were paired to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Impulsar is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and is an accredited member of Youth Business International - - an organization acknowledged by the International Labour Organization and the United Nations.
Twitter: @FImpulsar

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