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“Banco Macro − Fundación ImpulsarEntrepreneurship Competition” - Entrepreneurship Evaluation Phase

"Banco Macro - Fundación ImpulsarEntrepreneurship Competition" - Entrepreneurship Evaluation Phase

Córdoba, April 10, 2014. The evaluation phase of 15 business plans in the frame of the "Banco Macro- Fundación Impulsar Second Entrepreneursip Competition" started on Friday March 21, 2014. This Fundación Impulsar and Banco Macro joint initiative began in 2013 and comprises three phases: 1° Training of entrepreneurs in the formulation of business plans; 2° Selection and award of monetary prices to the three best business plans; and 3° One-year free mentorship to ten entrepreneur projects.

Currently, the Evaluation Board in the Province of Córdoba, composed of Pablo Bianco (La Voz del Interior); Silvia Dallafontana (Teleocho); Teresa Galfione (Fundación Impulsar and Universidad Católica de Córdoba); Roberto Ludueña and Cristina Barrientos (Banco Macro), is evaluating the following aspects of each entrepreneurship: business plan feasibility, innovation and capacity to generate future employment, qualities of the entrepreneur and skills to develop the project.

The Competition’s closing event was held on Wednesday April 9, at 6.00 pm. at Auditorio de La Voz del Interior. At such phase the 15 contesting entrepreneurships were presented and the three monetary prizes to the best business plans were awarded, as well as the projects that will be participating in the mentorships during 2014.

The closing event was open to the public and free of charge.

This is the second time that Banco Macro and Fundación Impulsar join efforts to support and promote entrepreneurship through the "Banco Macro- Fundación Impulsar Entrepreneurship Competition" in nine provinces.

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Lucía Scarafía - Directora Regional ImpulsarCórdoba

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