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Banco Macro launches the “Eco Bikes” Program in the Province of Salta

Banco Macro launches the "Eco Bikes" Program in the Province of Salta

Salta, August 22, 2014. In line with its commitment towards the communities where it operates, Banco Macro launches the program "Eco Bikes" in the Province of Salta, whereby it will donate bikes to the Municipalities of Cachi, La Caldera and San Carlos for the implementation of this initiative. The program is organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province of Salta and the Majors of the referred districts, intended to foster sustainable tourism.

As in the case of cities worldwide that attract a high volume of tourists, a station shall be installed where bikes shall be available for use free of charge. This initiative has ten circuits that will allow getting around the city in a different manner.

Banco Macro shall donate bikes, helmets, safety locks, baskets, bike stations and parking lots, in the frame of a program that intends to foster healthy practices, improve life quality, promote the use of bikes as transportation means for citizens of these Municipalities, foster more efficient and less polluting transportation, promote physical activity and develop an activity for the whole family. All the donated goods have been purchased from suppliers from the Northern Provinces of Argentina.

Banco Macro has 79% of its branches in the Argentine provinces. Currently it is present in 168 locations where, both in terms of branches and ATMs, the Bank is the single bank institutions. The purpose is to increase banking coverage in the Province of Salta, where it already has 174 ATMs, more than 66 self-service terminals, 27 branches, 8 attention points for pensioners and 7 out premises.

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