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Banco Macro and Fundación Educando launch computer classes for Senior Citizens in the Province of Jujuy

Banco Macro and Fundación Educando launch computer classes for Senior Citizens in the Province of Jujuy

San Pedro, Tuesday September 2, 2014. Fundación Educando and Banco Macro launch the Project "Educating Branches" (Educando Redes), an initiative of free computer classes for senior citizens. The inauguration shall be held on September 2, 2014 at 10:00 am at the ceremony room of the school Instituto Terciario Populorum Progression. The ceremony will be attended by Javier Lanusse, Manager of the Jujuy Division of Banco Macro.

The course will be held from August to December 2014, it shall comprise 32 classes, free of charge, consisting of two stages of two months each. Classes shall be held at the school Colegio Jesús Maestro in the district of San Pedro.

From 2012, Fundación Educando and Banco Macro have joined in an alliance to provide computer literacy to more than 4,000 senior citizens in the region. On this occasion, by means of the project "Educating Branches" (Educando Redes), they will provide a mobile unit with 20 notebooks to the school Colegio Jesús Maestro. The school will also provide its IT room where computer courses and basic PC tools classes shall be held.

The project "Educating Branches" shall be held in the district in view of the excellent results obtained in the course Aula Móvil (Mobile Classes) during 2013. The mobilization of the mobile unit through different areas will allow providing training from all the points of the city.

Banco Macro promotes this training program in the frame of its corporate responsibility policy. This program intends to foster technology as a tool of development, inclusion and improvement of life quality of people and communities in the areas where Banco Macro is present.

Fundación Educando

Fundación Educando is non-profit organization that has been involved for more than 14 years in the field of non formal education, for the purpose of cooperating with the development of low-income areas throughout Argentina. In 2014 Fundación will be active in 19 provinces in Argentina, through 140 branches where education courses will be held. Fundación has already trained 54,000 people. Its courses offer development and personal growth chances to foster social inclusion and job opportunities for the young and senior citizens by affording training in new technologies, languages, crafts and trade, art, health and gender concerns.

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Fundación Banco Macro

Fundación Banco Macro fosters growth in the regions and the enhancement of culture. It works in the promotion of the values of solidarity, fairness and equity in Argentina. In the frame of its program "Saber para Ser" (Knowledge to Be), related to the field of Education, Fundación Banco Macro’s goal is to promote banking and digital literacy, trying to foster, through on going education courses, an improvement in the life quality and development of the population.

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