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Banco Macro moves ahead in the building of its Corporate Tower

Banco Macro moves ahead in the building of its Corporate Tower

Buenos Aires, November 12, 2014. Banco Macro moves ahead in the building of its Corporate Tower. Architect César Pelli was selected by the Bank to design the 130 meter Tower, which recently reached its 10th floor out of an aggregate of 28 stories thus meeting its work time schedule. The Tower is located at Av. Madero 1180, the main corporate district in Argentina.

The project, which involves an investment of 100 million dollars and comprises a built surface of 52.700 m2, will be inaugurated in 2016. Vizora is in charge of the development, direction and management of the future headquarters of Banco Macro, a sustainable building and architectural milestone in Buenos Aires.

Banco Macro Tower was designed to contain all the corporate areas of the Bank in one single building, which in terms of employees involves 2200 employees, and will include a state-of-the- art branch, cafeteria, gym, an auditorium sitting 200 people, lunch premises for the staff and three underground parking floors.

In line with the Bank’s Corporate Sustainability and environmental protection, the building of the Tower has been projected under LEED standards (acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) seeking to attain maximum natural light use, materials that do not damage native woods and enhancement of work place space.

As to energy, the building design aims to make the most use of natural light by means of an intelligent system that will allow for the exact level of illumination required each time during the day. Thus, providing efficient visual illumination and attaining significant energy savings.

The building will have state-of-the art technology that will allow for significant drinking water savings through the concept of re-use. A modern system will allow used water recycling, resulting from the rechange and cleaning of the air-conditioning cooling tower and rain water use for plant watering.

Simultaneously, the perimetral sector of the Tower is under construction, comprising three underground levels. Excavators, diggers and earth moving equipment are actively working on the northwestern corner of the site, preparing the underground structure which consists of internal partitions, sub-pressure slabs, intermediate level slabs and tanks in the building’s future machinery room.

Banco Macro’s aim and challenge is to have the largest and latest state-of-the art corporate building in Argentina, where customers and employee will enjoy large, pleasant and sustainable spaces.

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