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Macro, Official Bank of the 2015 National Grape Harvest Festival

Macro, Official Bank of the 2015 National Grape Harvest Festival

Mendoza, March 5, 2015. Macro, official Bank of the National Grape Harvest Festival for a second year in a row, the most important representative and traditional viticulture event staged in the Province of Mendoza, that is internationally acclaimed as one of the most popular and convening festivals. The event will be held from Saturday March 7 thru Tuesday March 10.

As every year, the 2015 edition will celebrate viticulture, the transformation of grape into wine that results from the year-around work in the vineyards. The final product is achieved thanks to the work of wine specialists and enologists that have significantly contributed to the manufacturing process.

In this new edition, Banco Macro will be sharing with all the citizens of Mendoza the spirit that this festival offers, by being present at the circuits of Vía Blanca and Carrusel de las Reinas, Acto Central and at night at the Anfiteatro Frank Romero Day.

Banco Macro customers shall have the chance of attending this fantastic festival by participating in the raffle of tickets at Banco Macro’s Fan Page in Facebook.

More than 800 artists and dancers will portray different scenes related to grape harvest related activities. The Queen of the 2015 National Grape Harvest Festival will be elected among candidates from the 18 districts that compose the Province.
Once again Banco Macro accompanies popular traditions and invests in the growth and development of Argentina, and therefore shares the values of effort, dedication, self-improvement, work and solidarity that the Grape Harvest Festival promotes.
Macro your Bank close to you, always.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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