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Banco Macro launches its “Young Talents” program in the Province of Córdoba

Banco Macro launches its "Young Talents" program in the Province of Córdoba

Córdoba, April 6, 2015. Banco Macro launches its "Young Talents" ("Jóvenes Valores") an internship program addressed at students that are about to complete secondary school in the districts of Córdoba Capital, San Francisco, Villa María, Villa Allende, Río Tercero, Villa Carlos Paz and Río Cuarto. Banco Macro plans to provide training to more than 400 students in the Province of Córdoba during 2015.

The Bank’s program is open to all those students willing to accelerate their personal and professional growth. During the internship, each intern will train and develop his/her talents in a real work experience, being trained by the Bank’s professionals. At the end of the program interns will be awarded a certificate of the internship and training completion.

The first group of student-interns of the "Young Talents" program commenced the Introduction Course on Monday April 6. The program enrolled 36 students of 18 schools in the City of Córdoba. The course was held at Banco Macro’s Training Center located at Avenida 24 de Septiembre 1661.

"At Banco Macro we conduct business in the pursuit of a very clear goal: to be the most sustainable bank at a federal level. Consequently, we work on a daily basis to afford growth and improvement opportunities to the life quality of the communities where we operate, providing products and services in line with the needs of such communities. Therefore, corporate social responsibility, ethical corporate management and inclusion are of the essence to achieve our goal" stated Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager of Banco Macro.

All those young students interested in enrolling in the program should contact their schools to obtain further information on this internship.

At Banco Macro we work in furtherance of the development of present and future generations, in every corner of Argentina, reaching far away areas, where others do not reach. This is why we are always close to the people.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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Phone: (5411) 5222 6682

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