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Banco Macro presents its Integrated Annual Report

Banco Macro presents its Integrated Annual Report

Buenos Aires, April 27, 2015. Banco Macro presents its first Argentine Integrated Report that consolidates and aligns the Financial Information with the Bank’s Sustainability information, in the belief that both are inseparable and essential for an adequate management of business. This document was prepared under the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

As a significant milestone of 2014 Banco Macro reviewed and consolidated its data in order to combine the information published in its Annual Balance Sheet and Board of Directors Report, with the one contained in its Sustainability Report. The result thereof is the first Integrated Annual Report disclosing the policies, actions and financial, economic, social and environmental performance of Banco Macro.

To read Banco Macro’s Integrated Annual Report click here.

In this framework, the Bank also presents its Eighth Sustainability Report, whereby it reports to its stakeholders (clients, suppliers, collaborators, allied organizations, public sector and media) the main actions, programs and procedures conducted during 2014 in compliance with the Bank’s five strategic pillars.

Thus, the Report presents the Bank’s sustainability pillars (Transparency of all our actions, Responsibility for the well-being and inclusion of individuals, Financial Education and Inclusion, Development of Small and Medium Companies and Ventures, and Environmental Direct and Indirect Impact) in relation to the Six Capitals of the IIRC model: Financial, Manufacturing, Intellectual, Human, Social and Relationship and Natural.

This publication is a summary of the most relevant issues with a high social and environmental value that are included in Banco Macro 2014 Integrated Annual Report. Both documents were prepared in compliance with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) guidelines set forth in its document "The International Framework". Additionally, Banco Macro used G4 Guide of the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI, in accordance with the essential option "in compliance" with the Guide, together with the Sector Supplement for the manufacturing industry.

Among the most significant issues of 2014 we highlight the following:

• Claim management and customer service time acceleration.
• Incorporation of new benefits for employees.
• Corporate volunteer program "Generating Change" with the participation of 4,669 volunteers who donated more than 9,000 hours to community service.
• 90% increase in social investment focusing in the promotion of working culture and financial education.
• Implementation of the Eco-Bike Program with the purpose of fostering sustainable tourism and stimulating local development.

"At Banco Macro our goal is to integrate sustainability in every action we conduct. Thus, for the past several years we have defined our corporate integral strategy with the pillars of action in line with our stakeholders’ expectations, which are sensitive issues in the industry that every bank should address. Along these lines, to account for our performance in 2014, we are publishing our first Integrated Report whereby informing our public about the economic, social and environmental impacts and results in one same and single publication, consolidating from management our commitment to the sustainable development of Argentina" stated Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager of Banco Macro.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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Phone: (5411) 5222 6682

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