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Banco Macro inaugurates one ATM in the City of Salta

Banco Macro inaugurates one ATM in the City of Salta

Salta, June 26, 2015. In line with its expansion policy, Banco Macro inaugurates one ATM in the city of Salta, in order to facilitate banking transactions to its customers.

The ATM is located at Universidad Católica de Salta de Campo Castañares, located at Avenida Robustiano Patrón Costas, at the corner of Luis Agote, City of Salta.

This automated teller machine is an off-premise ATM -i.e. it operates outside the bank branch’s premises- and shall enable citizens to make cash withdrawals, check their account balances, among other transactions.

Banco Macro provides the following advice to its customers in order to ensure the proper operation of the Bank’s ATM network

• Bear in mind the benefits arising from the use of the Macro Debit card since it allows you to make purchases at adhered shops without cash and to recover up to 5% VAT in all purchases made with such card.

• Banco Macro offers the Extra Cash service. Upon paying purchases with their Macro Debit card customers may withdraw up to AR$2,000 in cash at the shop they are making such purchases. Information on adhered shops in the Provinces and districts may be consulted at

• In order to ensure the proper operation of the ATM network, remember that the maximum recommended amount that can be dispensed at one time from an ATM is of 30 bills.

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Banco Macro has 79% of its branches in the Provinces of Argentina. Currently, there are 186 districts where the bank, through its branches and ATMs is the only banking presence in the area. The Bank’s goal is to consolidate its banking coverage in the Province of Salta, where it already has 196 ATMs, more than 67 self-service terminals, 30 branches, 9 attention points for pensioners and 7 annexes.

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