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Banco Macro awarded prizes to entrepreneurs in the Province of Córdoba

Banco Macro awarded prizes to entrepreneurs in the Province of Córdoba

Córdoba, July 17, 2015. Banco Macro held the NAVES Program Prize and Diploma Award Ceremony in the Province of Córdoba. This is an entrepreneurship project competition developed together with IAE Business School that helps entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into ongoing business ventures and the new enterprises to strengthen their business projects. Banco Macro finances 100% of the competition, in each of its stages.

The diploma award ceremony was held on Thursday July 16th at the Hotel Quorum in the City of Córdoba. The ceremony was attended by authorities of both IAE Business School and Banco Macro.

As final award Banco Macro will finance a trip for the awardee of the program to the commercial, multi-sectoral and cultural Mission to Moscow, Russia organized by Unión Argentina de Jóvenes Empresarios (UNAJE).

In the Province of Córdoba small and medium enterprises from the City of Córdoba Carlos Paz, Villa Allende and Alta Gracia participated in three seminars conducted by IAE Business School professionals on subjects such as Basic Finances, Marketing, Performance and Operations, Soft Skills (Self-Knowledge, Team Building, Leadership and Human Resources), Planning and Business Models.

NAVES is being simultaneously conducted in the Provinces of Salta, Misiones, Córdoba and Santa Fe. More than 200 projects have already been received from all sectors, including industrial, services, technological, agribusiness, or for social purposes.

Providing support to SMEs and entrepreneurs is one of the pillars on which Banco Macro’s sustainability strategy is based. By means of its different proposals Banco Macro accompanies entrepreneurs in each stage of their development.

"Spirit of improvement, a vision to enhance opportunities and enthusiasm to do things better or to learn those that were never attempted at. And desire, lots of desire to do things, that is what we appreciates in those entrepreneurs we support from Banco Macro", states Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager.

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