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Macro “the best Bank in the Argentine Northwestern Region” for twelfth year in a row

Macro "the best Bank in the Argentine Northwestern Region" for twelfth year in a row

Salta, October 16, 2015. Banco Macro has been awarded "best Bank in the Argentine Northwestern Region" for twelfth year in a row, and has been conferred the 2015 Sol Andino Prize for its expertise, growth and contributions made to the region. The award ceremony was held at Hotel Alejandro I.

The ceremony, broadcasted by local channel 4 Express, consisted in the award of prizes to prominent firms, businesses, institutions and individuals in different expertise fields in the region and was attended by provincial and municipal authorities.

The Sol Andino Prize was created for the purpose of fostering and acknowledging companies and institutions that are outstanding in their field in the Province of Salta, clearly reflecting the position and preferences for local brands. The awards are decided on the basis of rigorous surveys that ensure the absolute transparency of the prize.

Cable Express annually awards the Sol Andino Prize to the most significant companies in the Northern Region of Argentina. Its purpose is to acknowledge those institutions that assist in the spreading our culture, whilst leading entrepreneurial and industrial progress in the region.

In order to guarantee transparency and trustworthiness, the prize awarded firms and businesses were assessed on the basis of data surveys and polls conducted prior to the event. This method of analysis clearly reflected the position of each company, ranking them accordingly. The data survey was conducted by Consultora Datamática, a renowned consultant.

Banco Macro continues doing business and investing for Argentina’s growth and development, thus emphasizing the following values: team work, dynamism, synergy, fidelity, versatility and quality of customer service, to continue striving as an institution and keeping its commitment with the districts where the Bank is present.

Banco Macro thanks the acknowledgment and the incentive to continue growing together with its people, who make this award possible.

Milagro Medrano
Gerente de Relaciones Institucionales

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