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Banco Macro restores land to indigenous communities

Banco Macro restores land to indigenous communities

Misiones, December 1, 2015. Banco Macro announces the donation of land to the Province of Misiones, for the purpose that such land be transferred to original inhabitants, the indigenous communities of Tekoa Guaraní and Tekoa Ñande Chy Eetetenonde.

The land area is in excess of 25 hectares and is located on Provincial Route No. 7, in Campo Cuña Pirú, Colonia Flora, Municipio de Puerto Leoni, Departamento Libertador General San Martin.

The act was held on December 1 at 10:00 am at the premises of the Ministry of Human Rights of Misiones and was attended by Mr. Miguel Ayala, Division Manager of Banco Macro in the Province, and the Provincial Minister of Human Rights, Mr. Edmundo Soriavieta.

Banco Macro is the financial agent of the Province of Misiones and has been present in such Province since 1996 conducting its activities in furtherance of the development of the communities where it is established. Currently the Bank has 39 attention points, 602 employees, 185 ATMs and 58 Self-Service Terminals. In more than 62 municipalities the Bank is the only banking presence and it has recently acquired 100% of the Province’s territorial coverage.

Banco Macro has a profound respect for the national character and traditions of indigenous people in Argentina, understanding that their original land hold sacred value for them. Therefore, the bank strives to work in furtherance of the development of these communities in each corner of Argentina, in places where others do not reach.

"At Banco Macro we conduct business in the pursuit of a very clear goal: to be the most sustainable bank at a federal level. Consequently, we work on a daily basis to afford growth and improvement opportunities to the life quality of the communities where we operate, providing products and services in line with the needs of such communities. Therefore, corporate social responsibility, ethical corporate management and inclusion are of the essence to achieve our goal" stated Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager of Banco Macro.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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