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Banco Macro launches an unprecedented series of talks for new businessmen generations

Banco Macro launches an unprecedented series of talks for new businessmen generations

Córdoba, February 22, 2016. Banco Macro presents a series of talks addressed to new generations of businessmen in the Province of Córdoba. This talk program - called "Siguiendo los pasos" addressed to attendants who are successors of the largest family companies in the Province of Córdoba, shall be held in five weekly talks starting on Tuesday February 23rd.

These talks shall be delivered by the renowned economist Marcelo Capello, President of the Instituto de Estudios de la Realidad Argentina y Latinoamericana (IERAL). The talks shall provide effective knowledge and tools to understand the economic scenarios and to guide attendants in market decision making. The goal of Banco Macro is to support and accompany young entrepreneurs through their development process and companies beyond their generational change.

Banco Macro believes that from its position as a financial institution it has great chances to collaborate to Argentina’s growth conducting business in a sustainable manner with long term goals. Accordingly, the Bank will continue supporting companies and entrepreneurs as an engine for domestic economic growth with initiatives such as "Siguiendo los pasos", unprecedented in the Province of Córdoba.

"Spirit of improvement, a vision to enhance opportunities and enthusiasm to do things better or to learn those that were never attempted at. And desire, lots of desire to do things, that is what we appreciates in those entrepreneurs we support from Banco Macro", states Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager.

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