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Fundación Banco Macro kicks off the last stage of the “ALUMBRA tus ganas de emprender” Program in the Province of Salta

Fundación Banco Macro kicks off the last stage of the "ALUMBRA tus ganas de emprender" Program in the Province of Salta

Salta, March 11, 2016. Fundación Banco Macro announces the commencement of the last stage of the program `ALUMBRA tus ganas de aprender` in the Province of Salta. The goal of the program is to provide training, advice and business and financial support to projects of young people-aged 18 to 29.
More than 200 entrepreneurs enrolled in the program, who completed their training and resulted in the preparation of 131 business plans. At the second stage, 30 entrepreneurs received personalized mentorships. Finally, 14 projects were selected and received loans in the amount of AR$719,000 to conduct their initiatives.

The program is part of the ALUMBRA project of Fundación Banco Macro, created in 2014 with the purpose of fostering financial inclusion and education, with the aim of promoting credit access to lower income sectors as one of the basic strategies to overcome poverty and create true and sustainable jobs. By means of the referred program, Fundación Banco Macro, grants loans for production purposes through the most efficient and modern microfinance and financial inclusion practices.

"Spirit of improvement, a vision to enhance opportunities and enthusiasm to do things better or to learn those that were never attempted at. And desire, lots of desire to do things, that is what we appreciates in those entrepreneurs we support from Banco Macro", states Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager.

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Fundación Banco Macro fosters growth in the regions and promotes the enhancement of culture. It works in the promotion of the values of solidarity, fairness and equity in Argentina. We undertake our commitment towards the community through actions driven by Fundación Banco Macro. In this way we work in furtherance of Argentina’s development, generating social, cultural and economic value in the places where we are present. We focus our work in three main pillars: Inclusion and Education, Financial Education, Support to SMEs and entrepreneurs, Corporate Volunteers.

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