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Banco Macro keeps conducting sustainable initiatives in the Province of Salta

Banco Macro keeps conducting sustainable initiatives in the Province of Salta

Salta, June 29, 2016. In the frame of the sustainability and environmental impact improvement actions conducted at the communities where it operates, Banco Macro announces that it has entered into an agreement with the Government of the Province of Salta consisting in the delivery of disused technological hardware for its recycling and operational use.

This initiative is conducted in the frame of the Provincial IT Plan consisting in the recycling of technological resources. In this frame, Banco Macro delivers computers, monitors, printers and other input that will be subsequently conditioned by the Salta School of Public Administration (Escuela de la Administracion Publica de la Provincia de Salta).

For more than five years now Banco Macro has been conducting a federal technology recycling and donation program that has benefited more than 200 social organizations with more than 600 recycled IT equipment.

Macro is engaged in this initiative in the belief that technological development narrows the digital gap, turns inequality into opportunities and creates efficient spaces of communication with the communities in which the Bank operates. The Bank works in furtherance of the development of present and future generations in all regions in Argentina, reaching places where others do not reach.

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