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Banco Macro launched its new commercial ad “Lugares Indicados”

Banco Macro launched its new commercial ad "Lugares Indicados"

Buenos Aires, May 23, 2016. Banco Macro launched its new commercial ad called "Lugares Indicados (right places)", in the frame of its campaign addressed to the Corporate segment. Therefore, Banco Macro seeks to establish a new position based on the premise "Te acompañamos a crecer (we accompany youy to grow)".

The advertising agency TBWA is in charge of conducting the ad that was launched on May 8th and is already aired in TV and social networks. To watch the commercial, click here.

Banco Macro seeks to show the significance of being present in the right place and at the right time to accompany the needs of Corporate Clients in each stage of their development, understanding their culture and expectations, accompanying them in their path of growth.

Banco Macro develops a strategy that involves day-to-day actions taken in the communities where the Bank is present. For the Bank, growth is only possible if the communities where it operates develop. In this frame, the Bank accompanies its Corporate clients in each stage of their development, offering products and services in line with their needs, and sharing the values of closeness, effort, work, dedication and sense of belonging.

Banco Macro, tu banco cerca, siempre (Banco Macro, your Bank, always close to you).

The fact sheet of the ad is as follows:
Product: Corporations
Title: "Lugares indicados" (Right Places)
Duration: 50´
Agency: TBWA
Creative General Directors: Juan Cruz Bazterrica / Guillermo Castañeda
Art Director: Guido Barna
Script: Martín Alfred
Head of Audiovisual Production: Gonzalo Calzada
Producer: Charly Agüero
Accounts Director: Nani Faour Lucchese
Accounts Executive: Delfina Lamino
Strategic Planning: Emilia Araujo
Producer Company: Oruga
Direction: Javier Nir & Pablo Fischerman
Photography: Julian "Mex" Ledesma
Executive Producer: Ioni Borisonik
Producer: Ariel Fainholc
Post-Producind Company: Sinsistema
Editor: Javier Falchi
Post Coordinator: Santiago Travi
Sound Post-Production: Porta Estudio
Client Contacts: Milagro Medrano, Gustavo Manríquez, Rocío Virasoro.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager

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Phone: (5411) 5222 6682

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