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Banco Macro gathered journalists and opinion leaders in the workshop “Practical economics for your everyday life your and business”

Banco Macro gathered journalists and opinion leaders in the workshop "Practical economics for your everyday life your and business"

Buenos Aires, November 11, 2016. On Wednesday November 9th several journalists, opinion leaders and dissemination agents met at the auditorium of Banco Macro in the City of Buenos Aires, to attend one of the workshops of the Healthy Accounts financial education and inclusion programs.

The "Practical Economics for your everyday life and business" workshop specially designed for representatives and dissemination agents consists of four relevant workshops: Healthy Accounts without effort (for families and their children and adult individuals), Healthy Accounts for your future (young adults), Healthy and safe Accounts (senior individuals) and Accounts for your business (entrepreneurs and self-employed).

The journalists highlighted the accessibility and usefulness of the contents, as well as the quality of the teaching staff.

Due to the practical structure and hands on nature of the workshops, attendees became familiar with the necessary tools to enhance and improve the organization of their personal economy or the accounts of their businesses.

The Healthy Accounts program is intended for a federal scale: in just one year more than 150 workshops have been held, in 40 cities of the 12 provinces. More than 5,760 individuals have directly attended such workshops, however it is estimated that the indirect impact will reach more than 26,000 personas individuals, due to the multiplying effect of the workshops provided to teachers and heads of households.

The Healthy Accounts Program

"At Banco Macro we are convinced that the economic progress of Argentina begins with the financial inclusion of individuals and families. Bringing the financial system closer to people is not enough, they must develop knowledge, expertise and skills that will allow them to use the financial system in a safe and beneficial manner", states Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager of Banco Macro.

The Healthy Accounts web site, launched in 2015, is the first web site in Argentina that provides educational tools and contents on personal economy and bankarization. It is free of charge and offers information, suggestions, tools and resources to the community to assist individuals in their challenges of their economy, throughout all their stages and life stations. From October 2015, the resources of the program are delivered throughout Argentina by means of face-to-face and online workshops.
For more information on the Healthy Accounts workshops and program go to, or by mail or follow us in Facebook "Cuentas Sanas".

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager
Banco Macro

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