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Fundación Banco Macro and Fundación Educando launch a new edition of the "Educando en Informática" Program

Fundación Banco Macro and Fundación Educando launch a new edition of the
"Educando en Informática" Program

Buenos Aires, November 3, 2016. Banco Macro sponsors the "Buenos Aires Padel Master", the sports event that gathers the best professional Padel players worldwide. The tournament will be held from November 7 through 13 at the Main Pista Central del Predio de La Rural, located at Avenida Sarmiento 2704, City of Buenos Aires.

Banco Macro customers can purchase their tickets with Macro credit and debit cards at with 20 % savings and payment in up to 3 interest free installments, Macro Selecta cardholders will obtain 30 % savings and up to 3 interest free installments.

The tournament has been declared of National Interest by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina since it involves one of the most significant sports calendar in Argentina. "Buenos Aires Padel Master" is one of the six most important stages of the World Padel Tour and this is the first time it will be held in the city of Buenos Aires.

The tournament will be attended by great players such as Argentines Fernando Belasteguín (former N° 1 worldwide), Daniel ‘Sanyo’ Gutiérrez, Miguel Lamperti, Juani Mieres, Juan Martín Díaz, Cristian Gutiérrez, and Franco Stupaczuk, Brazilian Pablo Lima and Spaniard Francisco ‘Paquito’ Navarro. For more information on the tournament click here.

At Banco Macro we are convinced that sponsoring sports involves promoting inclusion and contributing to a better society. Sports operate as a social catalyze and generates opportunities, promotes healthy habits, fosters encounters between people and transmits positive values such as effort, team work and competitivity.

In this frame Banco Macro endorses sports initiatives such as "Buenos Aires Padel Master".

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager
Banco Macro

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