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Banco Macro, official sponsor of the “Abierto Macro de Golf” Golf Tournament

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Jujuy, November 21, 2016. For second year in a row Banco Macro sponsored the Macro Open Golf Tournament in the Province of Jujuy that was held on November 12, at Club Golf Tenis de Palpalá, and had more than 80 registered participants in different districts in Jujuy and Salta.

The participants included representatives of Salta Polo, Rosario de la Frontera Golf Club and la Esperanza Golf Club. The tournament started at 8:30 at the registrations desk where a present was given to each participant, tee time followed immediately which continued until 2:00 pm. During the tournament participants had the chance of enjoying a Macro Selecta living where they could rest and refresh.

At Banco Macro we are convinced that sponsoring sports involves promoting inclusion and contributing to a better society. Sports operate as a social catalyze and generates opportunities, promotes healthy habits, fosters encounters between people and transmits positive values such as effort, team work and competitivity. In this frame Banco Macro endorses sports initiatives such as "Abierto Macro de Golf".

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager
Banco Macro


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