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Banco Macro and ANSES provide financial education workshops to beneficiaries of social security allowances

Banco Macro and ANSES provide financial education workshops to beneficiaries of social security allowances

Buenos Aires, December 21, 2016. Banco Macro and the Argentine Social Security Agency (ANSES) announce the execution of an alliance for the purpose of providing financial education to beneficiaries of social security allowances throughout Argentina.

The first workshop, held on Wednesday December 21, 2016 at 4:30 pm at Sociedad de Fomento "25 de Mayo", Bernal Oeste, focused on basic concepts and tools for the healthy management of personal economy. The workshop was attended by 25 women beneficiaries of the Universal Allowance per Child (Asignación Universal por Hijo) and Pregnancy Allowance (Asignación por Embarazo) who are currently unemployed or work under unregistered employment conditions.

The event was attended by Alejandro Dávila, Deputy Manager of Banco Macro (Subgerente de Banca Individuos de la División AMBA de Banco Macro), and Patricio Piffano, General Director (Director General de RR.II. y con la Comunidad) of ANSES.

The Healthy Accounts (Cuentas Sanas) program is intended for a federal scale: in just one year more than 150 workshops have been held, in 40 cities of the 12 provinces. More than 5,760 individuals have directly attended such workshops, however it is estimated that the indirect impact will reach more than 26,000 personas individuals, due to the multiplying effect of the workshops provided to teachers and heads of households.

For more information on the Healthy Accounts workshops and program go to, or by mail or follow us in Facebook "Cuentas Sanas" (Healthy Accounts).
"At Banco Macro we are convinced that the economic progress of Argentina begins with the financial inclusion of individuals and families. We developed the portal and the Workshops for the purpose of offering dynamic and simple economic organization tools to the community, challenging and overcoming the beliefs that determine current habits. We wish to accompany individuals to take the best decisions, in all the stages of their lives", states Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations Manager of Banco Macro.

Milagro Medrano

Institutional Relations Manager

Banco Macro

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