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Banco Macro inaugurates two ATM in the Province of Jujuy

Banco Macro inaugurates two ATM in the Province of Jujuy

Jujuy, December 12, 2016. Banco Macro inaugurates two ATMs in line with its expansion policy in the districts where it is present and in order to facilitate banking transactions to its customers.
The ATMs are located at calle Senador Perez N° 55, Abra Pampa, Departamento de Cochinoca, and at Av. Libertador N° 186, Yala, Departamento Doctor Manuel Belgrano.
These two automated teller machines are off-premise ATMs - i.e. they operate outside the bank branch´s premises- and enable the citizens of the Province of Jujuy and any visitors to make cash withdrawals and check their account balances, among other transactions.
Banco Macro has 79% of its branches in the Provinces of Argentina. Currently, there are 168 districts where the bank, through its branches and ATMs, is the only banking presence in the area. In the Province of Jujuy, Banco Macro has 132 ATMs.

Milagro Medrano

Institutional Relations Manager

Banco Macro

Macro is composed of Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro, has a staff of 8626 employees, 1364 ATMs, 912 self-service terminals and a structure of 479 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.

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