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Banco Macro, first Private Bank in granting a loan under the PROCREAR program in Misiones

Banco Macro, first Private Bank in granting a loan under the PROCREAR program in Misiones y

Martín Nelson Casa, of the City of Aristóbulo del Valle, executed a notarial deed with Banco Macro. This is the first notarial deed to be executed in the Province of Misiones

Misiones, January 13, 2017. Banco Macro announces the granting of the first mortgage loan under the PROCREAR facility line in the Province of Misiones. The loan was granted in the district of Aristóbulo del Valle, Province of Misiones.
The conveyance notarial deed of the first dwelling purchased in Misiones under the PROCREAR Solución Casa Propia was signed in the City of Aristóbulo del Valle, on Friday January 13th . Under this program, that involves payment in affordable installments within terms of up to 20 years and selection by a ranking in terms of low income and need indicators. The awardee was Martín Nelson Casa.
The closing of the real estate purchase was held at the branch of Banco Macro located at street República del Paraguay N° 1111, Aristóbulo del Valle.
Banco Macro has 79% of its branches in the Provinces of Argentina. Currently, there are 168 districts where the bank, through its branches and ATMs is the only banking presence in the area. Banco Macro’s goal is to strengthen the banking coverage in the Province of Misiones, where it already has 195 ATMs, more than 60 Self-Service terminals and 39 attention points, Banco Macro being the sole bank in 62 municipalities.

Milagro Medrano

Institutional Relations Manager

Banco Macro

Banco Macro
Macro is composed of Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro, has a staff of 8626 employees, 1364 ATMs, 912 self-service terminals and a structure of 479 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.

The Solución Casa Propia program
PROCREAR Solución Casa Propia is a federal program that combines State aid, family savings and a bank mortgage loan in a mutual cooperation structure. As from the execution of this first deed, whoever is awarded under the program may choose the bank among those included in the agreement.
Solución Casa Propia offers affordable installments payable within terms of up to 20 years and the families become eligible according to a transparent system of social points that gives priority to families according to their dwelling needs.
The Program is implemented by the Argentine Social Security Agency (ANSES), the State Property Administration Agency (Agencia de Administración de Bienes del Estado (AABE)), the Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Works and Dwellings (Ministerio del Interior, Obras Públicas y Vivienda) and the Ministry of Economy (Ministerio de Hacienda y Finanzas).

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