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Maxi Trusso at Terraza del Alba in Pinamar

Maxi Trusso at Terraza del Alba in Pinamar

Banco Macro will sponsor an outdoor free concert of the successful artist

Pinamar, January xx 2017. Banco Macro continues offering promotions and discounts to its clients in Argentina. This time Banco Macro offers benefits to its clients to enjoy summer in Pinamar.

In this frame, Banco Macro sponsors a free concert by the sea of the successful artist Maxi Trusso to be held on January 21 at 6:00 pm at the beach lounge Terraza del Alba. After the concert, Macro Selecta clients can attend the exclusive show of the DJ Meme Bouquet.

Discounts will be available for Banco Macro clients in one of the most exclusive beach resorts in Argentina, "Terraza del Alba" in Pinamar. Banco Macro credit cardholders will have 20%, and Macro Selecta credit cardholders 30%, discounts in the rent of awnings (toldos) and at the Restaurant, and payment in up to 6 interest-free installments.

These benefits will guarantee that this holiday season with Macro turns out a restful and comfortable experience for the whole family. To learn about more benefits go to

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager
Banco Macro

Macro is composed of Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro, has a staff of 8626 employees, 1364 ATMs, 912 self-service terminals and a structure of 479 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.

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