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The Macro Mobile arrives at the city of Tafí del Valle

The Macro Mobile arrives at the city
of Tafí del Valle

Tucumán, January 10, 2017. During this summer season Banco Macro will be present throughout Argentina by means of the Mobile Banking Units that will be located at strategic points in Argentina. Thus, from January 13 to February 1, 2016 a banking mobile unit shall be located at Avenida Presidente Perón and Critto, Tafí del Valle.

The mobile unit will be available to the community with two ATM services 24-hours non-stop as well as computers providing access to On-Line Macro enabling users to make bank operations and transactions as they may need. On site Banco Macro promoters will be distributing presents to those who visit the unit.

Due to the large affluence of summer holidays tourism in several cities, Banco Macro offers to its customers the Mobile Banking Unit, that will be present also in Mar del Plata from January 4 to February 28 (Avenida Colón esquina Arenales); Cafayate (Salta) from February 3 to March 5 (at Plaza Martin Miguel de Güemes) and Villa Carlos Paz (San Martin 400) from December 28 to February 22.

The Macro Mobile involves an evolution towards a broad concept of services: it allows catering for the needs of a larger number of people and provides a convenient option in the Provinces, offering effective personal assistance and covering specific needs at peak times when cities receive large numbers of visitors.

Milagro Medrano
Institutional Relations Manager
Banco Macro

Macro is composed of Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro, has a staff of 8626 employees, 1364 ATMs, 912 self-service terminals and a structure of 479 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.

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